FaxTalk NetOnHold

FaxTalk NetOnHold 1.60

FaxTalk NetOnHold detects incoming calls while we are connected to the Internet
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1.60.1000 (See all)
Thought Communications, Inc.

FaxTalk NetOnHold is a multilingual utility that is intended for use in places where there is a V.92 modem and there is not any device installed that would make it possible to make and receive phone calls while connected to the Internet. This application is able to detect any incoming call and displays the caller's name and phone number, so we can decide to answer or not. By using this program, we can phone and receive phone calls. Meanwhile our Internet connection will be kept on hold, so that we will not be able to navigate and talk at one time. This program runs under Windows Vista, XP, 2003, ME, 2000, and 98 OS. A disadvantage is that we cannot evaluate this program.


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